InterdepenDance Collective

The InterdepenDance Collective is passionate about Disability Justice and interconnections among communities. We are a group of artists who are active in cross-disability dance, and who experience barriers in the arts. The group was started by dancers mostly based in Lekwungen homelands and the islands region.

We are organizing learning opportunities for 2020-2021, including workshops and a learning collective. We are mostly gathering online, so that colleagues across Turtle Island can join events. If you would like to connect with the group, contact Joanne.

The group is committed to ongoing learning around decolonial practices, Indigenous sovereignty, intersectional Disability Justice in/through dance, and prioritizing the leadership of Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Deaf, Mad, Spoonie, Sick, Crip, Disabled, Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary, gender-expansive and queer artists and communities.

Videos we have collaborated on:

InterdepenDance Collective dancing in February 2020

ASL vlog about Sins Invalid’s 10 Principles of Disability Justice

Previous events organized by the InterdepenDance Collective:

Online workshops in 2021:

Events in 2020:

Sessions in 2019:

The collective facilitated free, monthly, dance sessions through Saanich Recreation. The description for the sessions: “Take part in a collaborative dance practice for people of all physical and cognitive abilities. We’ll train together once a month, taking turns facilitating, and expanding our dance practices.” Thank-you to Saanich Community Services, Gordon Head Recreation Centre, Embrace Arts, and Made in BC–Dance on Tour, for supporting previous sessions.

A collaboration:

The collective was co-founded in September 2019 by dancers mostly based in Lekwungen homelands, including Claire (Dance & Theatre Artist), Lea (Dance Artist & Facilitator), Luka (Writer & Performing Artist), Tiffany (Embrace Arts), and Joanne (Creative Momentum). The idea for the group emerged in spring 2019 through a dance project that was in collaboration with the Victoria Disability Resource Centre.

Over the years, artists in the region have suggested creating a dance collective with disability leadership on the island, inspired by groups such as Kinetic Light, All Bodies Dance Project, Sins Invalid, and CRIPSiE. In 2020 we are super excited to visit and learn with artists we admire.