Warm greetings!

Creative Momentum facilitates cross-disability dance and community projects. We are visiting in lək̓ʷəŋən homelands, and collaborate with colleagues across Turtle Island.

Currently we are focused online on sharing skills, peer mentoring, and co-creating dance films that weave in multiple layers of access.

The feet of nine adult dancers are in a circle. They are wearing a variety of sizes and types of casual shoes, boots, socks with a cloud pattern, and running shoes. 5 people have just one shoe visible pointing to the middle, and 3 people have both their feet resting on the foot rests of their wheelchairs.
Image description: Nine dancers’ feet form a circle. The Wellspring Dancers are wearing varied footwear and a few dancers are using footrests on their manual wheelchairs.

For 2024-2025, we are interested in connecting with new collaborators, and sharing our facilitation practice.

We will be co-organizing the next Collective Access Screendance Residency. We will also be offering online training on facilitating peer-based dance groups, and on facilitating Move to Music with older adults. Please be in touch if you are interested in any of these projects.

Over the past decade we have been honoured to facilitate dance improvisation with 100 communities and groups, with people ages 4 to 103. For examples of where we have worked see the organizations page.

A few photos from previous projects:
Photo of seven people holding each other's hands across the middle of the circle
A circle of hands of the Newcomers’ Dance Group in 2017. Photo by Fatma Ahmeda, Kemi Craig and Joanne Cuffe.

Image description: seven people are holding each other’s hands, interwoven across the centre.


Nine dancers improvise with arms or hands. Full image description is below.
Open-hearted coast. All Abilities Dance Group in 2021 on Zoom.

Image description: Nine open-hearted movements are creatively described here using imaginary objects, as if the group was by the ocean. Shaylyn shapes a sand sculpture. Julianna admires whales in the distance. Heath holds up a small octopus. Lea’s elbow points up like a fin. Janice floats on her back over a big wave. Zola hugs a surfboard. Andrea swims while signing ‘I love you’, which involves straightening a pinkie, index finger and thumb while bending the other two fingers with palm forwards. Lyrica is bringing a driftwood log to you. The sign language interpreter blocks the midday sun from her face.


Photo of five dancers on a patio, all are gazing up to the sky, each making a different shape
Improvising with the 50+ dance troupe in 2017. Photo by Brenda Weatherston.

Image description: Five dancers are clumped together on a patio, gazing up to the sky and each making a different shape. The warmth of their expression contrasts the cold concrete of nearby tables and pillars.

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