Workshops on computer programs

Are there computer programs that you or your organization would like to learn, or become more comfortable with?

With teams collaborating remotely during the pandemic, gaps in technical skills might have become especially apparent. Not knowing how to use computer programs can lead to stress, frustration, alienation and distract focus away from an organization’s good work.

Community-based training is available for small teams and one-to-one using Zoom. Sessions focus on what participants would like to learn, and can adapt to access needs and learning styles. The content is practical, interactive and responsive. There could be a series of sessions or a one-time workshop.

Recent training topics have included:
  • A detailed tour of Zoom’s features and settings
  • Collaborating through Google-Drive, -Documents and -Sheets
  • Orientations to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Making budgets pretty and clear
  • Creating surveys, registration forms and quizzes with Google-Forms
  • WordPress basics: how to add and edit website content
  • Making learning fun: how to create language games for Zoom including wordsearch, Pictionary, crosswords, online bingo and trivia
  • Editing voice recordings with Audacity
  • Basics of Affinity Publisher for posters, and GNU image editing program (free & open source)
  • An introduction to DIY video: basics of cinematography, filming interviews and B-roll, Filmora video editing, uploading video to Youtube, and options for sending large files
  • Setting up and managing email lists

Which topic(s) are you interested in?

If you have questions or would like to book a session, contact Joanne.

During the pandemic I have worked as a technical assistant, offering weekly training on computer programs. I have facilitated community workshops and skills-shares around technology since 2008. I have a master’s of education in adult education from the University of Victoria, and have been facilitating groups since 2000.