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Event details:

Sunday February 16th, 2020


This event takes place in the homelands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən and W̱SÁNEĆ Peoples.

The InterdepenDance Collective invites the public to learn about and experience mixed-ability dance. Dance artists will share ways for increasing access, equity and cross-disability leadership in the arts. The day will also build connections among people involved in dance on the island and encourage future collaborations.

The forum is FREE, and open to the public.

Feel free to register for just part of the day.

Location: Gordon Head Recreation Centre, 4100 Lambrick Park Way.

Photo of five dancers on stage all leaning to the right with their left arms overhead
Photo from All Bodies Dance Project. Photo credit: Erik Zennstrom.
Sessions include:
  • introductory workshops led by All Bodies Dance Project facilitators Harmanie Taylor and Naomi Brand.
  • a short performance of inclusive choreography.
  • a round-table conversation on access in dance, prioritizing the perspectives of people who experience barriers in dance, co-facilitated with Parker from The Table Victoria.
  • options during lunch: topic tables with various ways to participate (such as ASL, communication devices, drawing, listening, nonverbal expressing, speaking, and writing); an introvert space; and a multi-sensory space.
Important notes about the forum:
  1. Please do not use any scented or fragranced products on the day of the forum.
  2. The registration form includes questions about access needs.
  3. Please bring your own lunch, snacks and a water bottle.

ASL video:

Audio invite:


To register:

Space is limited. Please register as soon as possible. As of February 7th there are still some spots available.

Here is the registration form, for when you’re not in a rush. The form has a few sections: registration, access, optional questions, and volunteer roles sign-up. (If you find the form too overwhelming, please use an alternative method to register.)

Alternative methods to register are by email, phone or text: send a message with “Subject: Forum registration”, your name, contact info and any access requests. To register by mail or in person downtown (at the Victoria Disability Resource Centre’s lobby), please be in touch with Joanne.

To volunteer:

Volunteer roles for the event include: sound, room set-up, access buddy, “on call” support team, childcare and familycare teams, translators, photographer, videographer, and fundraising. Role descriptions and sign-up are on the registration form.

There will be a volunteer orientation session Sunday February 9th at 3:00pm-4:30pm at Gordon Head Recreation Centre’s Feltham Room.

Access notes

On the registration form there is space to note access needs and to request services such as sign language interpreters, transcribing, describing, an access buddy, bus tickets, lunch, childcare and familycare.

The access details below are under the following sections:

Relaxed environment,
Washrooms and change rooms,

If you have questions, feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact Joanne.

Relaxed environment:

The forum is a relaxed, “chill” environment, where everyone can choose how to engage. Feel free to attend to your needs as they come up. If you will have an attendant or support person with you, they are encouraged to participate in the workshops.

Within the auditorium, from 11:45am-4:30pm, there will be:

  • an introvert space (curtained off area, with a window to trees)
  • a multi-sensory space (next to the introvert space)
  • a childcare and familycare space (to the left upon entering the space)Icon of two hands cupped open to the sides, in front of a child and two adults
  • mats for lying down (along the left side of the room)
  • chairs without arm-rests (in the centre) and benches (along the right side).


Please request interpreters, captioning and describing by February 9.

Describing is available if requested by February 9. The describing team will focus on the approaches to dance description that participants prefer (such as spoken narration of physical movements, option of tactile describing, metaphor). The describers are dancers who are learning to describe dance.

Icon of three hands signing A S L

Sign language interpreters are available if requested by February 9.

Transcribing/ captioning is available if requested by February 9.

Icon of a text box with typing

Tactile music: There can be one wearable SUBPAC tactile music technology available for taking turns if requested by February 9 (unfortunately they are sold out so we only know of one local one).

Visual music: If you would like there to be a visual interpretation for the beat, rhythm or melody of music, please request this on the registration form.


Gordon Head Recreation Centre’s main entrance is at 4100 Lambrick Park Way. Off of Feltham Road (a long block east of Shelbourne Street), Lambrick Park Way goes straight then sharply curves left then sharply curves right before getting to the parking lot on the left. From Feltham Road there is a path to the right of Lambrick Park Way that follows these sharp curves and has tactile warning strips at curb ramps.

The buses that go closest are:
-#27 and 28 (Feltham at Lambrick bus stop is 0.5km away)
-#28 and 39 (Shelbourne at Torquay bus stop is 0.5km away)
To get here by bus, here is a link to google maps for inputting your starting point.

If you would like an access buddy to meet you at the bus stop, parking lot or the entrance, please mention this when you register for the forum.


Outside the main entrance there are accessible parking spots, a handydart drop-off area, a scooter charging station, bike racks, and vehicle parking.

Accessible icon, of a wheelchair user in motionThe venue is wheelchair accessible, has a level entrance, and is “Accessibility Certified” by the Rick Hansen Foundation.

Icon of a circle and diagonal line in front of stairs zigzag

There are two orientations to the venue below: first is a text description, and then there are links to photos of the venue.

Here is a text description of the entrance and route to the forum:
-The main entrance doors have a push button (to the left there is a post a few feet in front of the doors with the button). The door opens out, and there is a second set of entrance doors to go through.
-In the lobby area, the dance studio is the second room and door on the left, which is where the morning workshop will be from 10:30am until 11:30am. This dance studio door is before a post and some benches, and is opposite the front desk that is usually staffed.
-Continuing past the benches outside of the dance studio, around on the left there is an alcove. This alcove has another door for the dance studio on the left, which is perpendicular to a door for an accessible washroom that is single-stall and for all genders. Next to this washroom door there are two water fountains, which are next to a glass wall of the auditorium. Along this wall a few feet over from the water fountains is the doorway to the auditorium, where the forum will be from 11:30am until 4:30pm.
-The auditorium door will be propped open. The auditorium is 177 square metres, a large rectangular space with a sloped wooden ceiling. The forum will take place in the centre of the room. Inside the auditorium please be cautious along both the right and the left far sides of the room because there are five sloped vertical beams that curve diagonally and jut out a couple feet from the sides into the space at head level. Access buddies are available if non-visual or partially sighted learners would like description of the space around them during the workshops.

Here are links to photos of the entrance and rooms:
There is some basic visual information about the location and accessibility on RIV’s Leisure Access App: Link to photos of the parking and entrance, photo of the dance studio, photo of the auditorium, and photo of the water fountains between the two rooms.

Washrooms and change rooms:

Icon of a toiletThere are accessible washrooms and change rooms for all genders, including two accessible gender-neutral change rooms with lifts. The washrooms have unscented soap.

Icon for a change room with a lift

Please be in touch for a verbal or text description of washroom and change room options, or contact Gordon Head Recreation Centre at 250-475-7100 for more details. There is some basic visual information on RIV’s Leisure Access App, including a photo of the nearby accessible washroom, and various photos of the change rooms and washrooms.


Gender Diversity Flag. Top left diagonal lines of purple, white, green, brown, black. Right side triangle of trans pride flag.There is an option to mention what gender pronouns you use (if any) on the registration form, on your name tag at the workshop and in small group introductions. People have diverse gender identities. Participants are asked not to assume which pronouns anyone goes by.


For more information, or to connect about the forum, contact Joanne.

Draft schedule:

Please note that the schedule will be adjusted as needed. On the registration form please select which activities you will be attending. The first workshop is in the Dance Studio, then we will move to the Auditorium for the rest of the day.

10:30am-11:30am    Introductory dance workshop facilitated by All Bodies Dance Project in the Dance Studio (morning workshop space is more limited).
Break from 11:30am-11:45am (and team effort setting up the Auditorium).

-12:05pm    Integrated dance performance: an informal sharing in the Auditorium, by a group of participants from Friday’s workshop.

-1:00pm      Options during lunch (please bring your own lunch):
a) topic tables with various ways to participate (such as ASL, captioning, communication devices, drawing, listening, nonverbal expressing, speaking, and writing), and a brief report-back from the topic tables at 12:55, after moving the lunch tables to the side of the room.
b) an introvert space; a multi-sensory space; and mats for resting.
c) or feel free to take a break from the event.

1:00pm-2:15pm         Introduction to group improvisation: workshop with All Bodies Dance Project facilitators.
Break from 2:15pm-2:30pm.

2:30pm-3:20pm         The Table on Access in Dance: a roundtable prioritizing the contributions of people who experience barriers or marginalization in dance.
The set up for this community conversation will be facilitated by Parker from The Table Victoria, in collaboration with the InterdepenDance Collective and “on call” support people. An overview of the Table format will be shared closer to the event with people who register.
Draft topics:
-When have you felt empowered in dance spaces?
-What barriers do you experience in dance?
-What access practices would you like there to be in dance locally?
-What context makes it possible for you to find belonging in dance?
Break from 3:20pm-3:30pm.

3:30pm-4:30pm         Dance Jam and event wrap-up, facilitated by All Bodies Dance Project.

Related events:

There will also be a workshop, Intro to Inclusive Choreography with All Bodies Dance Project on Friday February 14th 10:30am-4:30pm, and an Integrated Dance Films event on Saturday January 25th 2:30pm-4:30pm. If you would like your email added to an updates listserv about integrated dance opportunities on the south island, connect by email.

Forum collaborators:

The Integrated Dance Forum is organized by the InterdepenDance Collective, in partnership with Saanich Community Services, Gordon Head Recreation Centre, Creative Momentum, Embrace Arts, and All Bodies Dance Project.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, MediaNet, Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods, Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture, Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, and the Victoria Disability Resource Centre. This project is made possible, in part, with the collaboration and support of Made in BC-Dance on Tour.

Thanks to this generous support, the event is free! (If you would like to donate, donations will go to forum costs and other events organized by the InterdepenDance Collective.)

Logo for Canada Council for the Arts

Logo for Made in BC dance on tour with a pastel blue zig zag

Logo for Saanich Parks, Recreation and Community Services with a black circle

Logo for all bodies dance with stylized white a and b letters on a red background

Logo for Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods

Flux Media Gallery logo

Logo for Kickstart Disability arts & cultureLogo for Victoria Disability Resource Centre with four people stretching arms towards each other.Logo for Island Deaf + Hard of Hearing CentreLogo for Embrace with a stylized wheel and two people reaching up.

Logo of Creative Momentum of eight people dancing. Three are sitting and five standing.

Image Descriptions and #SocialMediaAccessibility

When sharing the poster or event page photo online, we ask that you include the relevant image description. When using hashtags or handle names on social media please capitalize the first letter of each word, such as #DanceAccess and @AllBodiesDance and .

These practices are to increase collective access to social media, with people who are Blind, partially sighted, low vision, Dyslexic, older adults, and people with various ways of processing information.

Image Description for Photo:
Photo of All Bodies Dance Project. Photo credit: Erik Zennstrom.
(Image description: Five dancers from All Bodies Dance Project are reaching their left arm arched over their heads. They perform together on a black floor with black curtains in the background. The dancers wear solid, brightly coloured tops and black bottoms. The two seated dancers are closer to the foreground of the image, and the three standing dancers are just slightly further back in the image.)

Image Description for Poster:
(Poster description: Text at the top: Integrated Dance Forum. Below this there is a photo of five dancers who are reaching their left arm arched over their heads. To the right of the photo is vertical text: Photo of All Bodies Dance Project, Photo credit: Erik Zennstrom. In the lower half of the poster there is text with the event details from the forum web page. The poster has a mint aqua green background, except for white along the bottom, where there are seven logos of partner organizations and six accessibility icons. Text in the lower right corner: Access Notes: Wheelchair accessible venue including washrooms and change rooms for all genders. Sign language interpreters, captioning, describing, access buddies and childcare available. Relaxed environment. Please note access needs on the registration form.)

Note about social media accessibility:

We are sharing information here about Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods’ campaign. CAN is encouraging organizations to make social media more accessible by:

  1. including image descriptions for people to use with all posters, images, and memes, to ensure that all social media users are getting the same information;
  2. ensuring that #SocialMediaHashtags and @HandleNames and www.WebsiteAddress.links have the first letter of each word capitalized, so that people with screen readers will hear it read as it should be (instead of how a screen reader reads it without capital letters, which is to think that it is all one word and trying to read it that way); and
  3. including captioning and transcripts when creating videos.
  4. (The InterdepenDance Collective would add: creating an audio described version of videos and include this in the budget when creating dance films.)

From Heather at CAN: “In addition to doing this for your own posts, please send it to people when you want them to share and explain why it is important and why you would like them to use it on social media, do it for their own posts and shares, and pass on the information to others.”

There are examples of image descriptions on CAN’s Facebook page, and there are examples of #HashtagsWithCapitalLetters on CAN’s Twitter.

A resource for captioning videos (suggested by Radical Access Mapping Project) is Amara which “enables you to caption and subtitle any video for free.”

YouDescribe is a resource for adding audio description to YouTube content.

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