Layers of access for screendance

Dance artists involved in the Collective Access Screendance Residency recently gathered online for a brainstorm. Below are visual notes by D’Leen Betts about the layers of access that this specific cohort needs for the films that are being created, followed by an image description.

Visual notes:

Visual notes about layers of access for the cohort. Full image description is below the image.

Image description:

The visual notes are divided into three separate sections. To the left, the heading is: What layers of access does this cohort need for our films? Below this, text and four line drawings are highlighted with purple. Captions is in a purple rectangle. Creative audio description is written near an ear with three squiggly sound waves. Transcript is written under a page with illegible handwriting. Pre-show notes (overview and context notes) is written next to an open booklet.

The upper right section is highlighted in blue. Its heading is: Other options for access we can try, and there are arrows pointing to two drawings below. Three hands sign letters A-S-L. Mail-able sensory pack is written under a box that’s open with two upright objects like oak leaves or seaweed. An arrow from the box points to dotted texture, a nose for smell, and a tongue for taste. A heart postage stamp floats nearby.

The lower right section is highlighted in burgundy red. Its heading is: What can we avoid? A red circle with a diagonal line through it emphasizes that these are to be avoided. A lightbulb surrounded by jagged zigzag flashing is next to text: No flashing lights or quick edits (need 3 seconds or longer). An oozing splotch, shaped like a ginger root, is next to text: No abstract plot with no entry points.

For more information about the project, go to the Collective Access Screendance Residency page.

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