Dancing for Wellbeing with adults & youth

Photo of 9 people standing in a circle dancing with their elbows

Dancing for Wellbeing programs are tailored for each group and adapted for the people present. The sessions provide a supportive space for people to come together, move their bodies in new ways, release stress, and express themselves through movement. One-to-one coaching sessions are also available for people who love to move.

Photo: 2 people doing a duet with dancing hands, 2 people in the background smiling

The overall style is dance improvisation: where we each choose how we want to move and interact. There are a variety of guided dance activities; however these are invitations – each participant is encouraged to go with what works for them.

Photo: 9 dancers turning to wave at the camera

There is no “wrong” way to dance in these sessions, and there are no routines to remember. The sessions integrate dance improvisation, contemporary, creative movement, dance-movement therapy, expressive arts, and sampling different styles of dance.

Participants have said they appreciate:

  • dancing in a supportive, welcoming, non-competitive setting,
  • releasing tension and increasing fitness,
  • getting to laugh, have fun, and make new friends,
  • nurturing self-esteem, confidence, and joy,
  • feeling accepted, lively and free,
  • connecting within themselves and with the group.

Photo: 3 dancers - one seated and two in background dancing with elbows

What type of program would work for you? Perhaps a one-time session, a monthly workshop, or a weekly class?

To speak about whether Dancing for Wellbeing would be a good fit, or to schedule a demo, please see the contact page.

For examples of programs, see this blog post: Joy & cohesion. The content and theme for sessions are built around your group’s needs and interests, compiling what is most relevant out of 200+ possible movement activities. The title of the sessions can be whatever will appeal to the people with whom you work.

Whether the sessions are for people with diverse abilities and disabilities, for older adults, for employees, for caregivers and health care practitioners, for people with a shared health experience (e.g. depression, cancer), for students (from kindergarten to post-secondary), for newcomers, for queer/ trans/ gender variant people, for a community of faith, for participants at conferences/ festivals/ events, or for another type of group –  if you think Dancing for Wellbeing would be a good fit, then it would be excellent to provide a program for your members.

Please be in touch whichever way is most convenient for you.

Photo: four people looking down at dance props

Photo: 4 people standing, each holding a strand of fabric attached to a circle in the middle

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