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Below is a video by Lea Collins of the InterdepenDance Collective dancing in February 2020.

The video is audio described and captioned. The transcript is below the video.


Video Transcript

(upbeat instrumental guitar)

(Luka narrates)


Text reads:

InterdepenDance Collective

Dancing in the homelands of the Lkwungen and WSANEC peoples

February 16, 2020, at the Integrated Dance Forum


(Lea narrates)

The audience sits on the left hand side of the screen.

Dancing in this video from left to right:

Kristian wears a black shirt and glasses, and his hair is in a braid.

Harmanie is a bubbly blond dancer in a manual wheelchair. She has signature white spokes with gold rims.

Tom dances in all black and wears a scarf.

Claire uses she/her pronouns and is a spicy Latina and dances in her favourite pink shirt with words “Dance in your Freedom.”

Joanne is a nonbinary person of European descent. They wear a button-up shirt patterned with small leaves.

Luka is a quadriplegic dancer. They wear their signature braids which makes them look like an offbeat Dorothy. And they dress like they’re trying to fail at postmodernism punk.

Tiffany dances with her curly ponytail bouncing around.

Lea has Scottish and Irish family roots and queer crip chosen family. They dance with a built-in swagger and wear a plaid shirt and toque

Louise dances with her opened arms wide to the sky while she signs. She wears a shirt and pants.

Kimberly dances with black pants and a flowing floral top, which complements her favourite dance style.


(Slow strings and xylophone)

(Luka narrates)

Dancers roll and stride forward like creatures caught in an ocean wave, keeping pace with mellow music.

Seated and standing dancers spontaneously pause at different times.

Their arms become seaweed noodles drifting slowly towards the murk.

Claire curves her body.

Joanne crouches next to Luka, sinking to the depths.

Kristian, Harmanie, Tiffany sashay softly to the other side of the room, pause and turn.

Creatures gently dance in pairs.

One dancer traces the other, hovering without using touch.

Each pair pauses and then takes turns being traced and doing the tracing.

Joanne and Luka share a smile while tracing.

Sitting and standing dancers continue tracing each other in turns with their noodle arms, hands, and shoulders, slowly trudging to one side of the room.

Dancers gather to one side of the room, pulled by daydreams of brains and skateboards.

Their spaghetti arms pick up pace.


(upbeat staccato piano)

Tiffany breaks from the swarm of creatures, dipping low on the ground.

She turns to face the life she used to know.

Others shuffle, twirl like spinning tops.

Kristian, Claire, Harmanie and Luka perch on leather thrones like vultures, reaching high, low, and out in front, in search of human thoughts.


(upbeat smooth piano)

Lea, Joanne, and Luka reach out and back in search of brains.

Lea twinkles their fingers like firing neurons.

Joanne twists their body as they dodge an oncoming brain.

Luka gloriously catches brain matter onto their face and looks upward to the sky in ecstasy.

Tom and Tiffany recline.

Dancers make  frenzied slashing motions.

(music swells)

Claire and Kimberly surrender to their joy, with expanded arms, chest and face.

Dancers quickly turn and fall — a forest of weeping willows in collective surrender to joy.

Joanne pops up like a groundhog.

Dancers inhale.


(piano softens)

(upbeat instrumental guitar)

Luka and Claire arc together towards gracefulness, sweeping the group slowly back into a line formation.

Dancers advance to one side of the room again, slowly forming a line with playful wiggles, strides, and bounces.

The group pauses…

and Louise invites all dancers to giddyup!

The swarm rolls, sprints, jogs, and quickly shuffles like baby rabbits, exiting this dream realm for another.


Dancers all face the camera, smiling, waving, and laughing.


Text reads:

(Claire narrates)

Thank you for watching/witnessing!



InterdepenDance Collective

Claire Bruce

Joanne Cuffe

Lea Collins

Luka Garvin

Tiffany Tjosvold


Guest Dancers

Kimberly Bramadat

Tom Fowler

Kristian OakenShield

Louise Reniere

Harmanie Rose


Dance Improvisation directed by

Harmanie Rose and Naomi Brand


Project Support Provided by

Joanne Cuffe


Audio-description Consultant

Kathy M. Austin


Audio-description Written and Voiced by

Claire Bruce

Lea Collins

Luka Garvin


Video Editing by Lea Collins


Video Assistants

Mary and Shaina


Music by:

Chad Crouch “Children by the Creek”

Greg Atkinson “Circles”

Lobo Loco “Brain”


We acknowledge the support of

Canada Council for the Arts

Made in BC – Dance on Tour

Saanich Community Services

Gordon Head Recreation

Flux Media Gallery


The dance forum was organized by the InterdepenDance Collective

In partnership with

All Bodies Dance Project

Creative Momentum

Embrace Arts Foundation


This work by InterdepenDance is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution –

NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License