An exhilarating Sunday

It was an especially splendid session today with Lifetime Networks’ dance group, with everyone able to attend for the first time in a few weeks. When I asked for feedback, participants said that today’s session was:

exhilarating, joyful, fun, relaxing, refreshing, rewarding, independent, awesome, laughing, lordly, good, wonderful, perfect, A+.

A participant asked to lead the warm-up, and then we taught each other dance moves, moved with ribbons, had a dance-off in small groups, had a jam circle with the option of going in the middle to do a solo or in twos, and ended with stretching. After each session I write down how it felt to me, rating it out of five stars; today was an 8-star session!Lifetime Networks logo and text: lasting friendship & support for people with disabilities

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