Dance + Art = Creative Mix with children

Creative movement is the main component of this multi-arts program. Participants explore visual arts, creative writing, and acting in a dance environment.

This program emphasizes supportive learning. We focus on play, cooperation and nurturing individual creative expression.

Photo: one adult and three children with arms wide, wearing rain gear in forest
“I am a starfish!” (Photo by Victoria Nature School)

The program can take a variety of forms: a series of classes, a one-time workshop, a day camp or a celebration. During warmer months, many activities can be facilitated outdoors (weather-permitting). The theme and focus are tailored to the ages of the group.

In a multi-session format, each class explores a different dance concept such as shapes, speed, and levels, as well as movement skills, games and crafts.

drawings of a sun, birds and shoreline, and under sea creaturesAn example of an Ocean-themed session: seaweed-octopus tag, moving like waves, crabs and sea creatures, creating puppets or masks, dancing a poem or story, and playing with a giant jellyfish prop.

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