Dance Games for all ages

Photo of nine adults following one person raising their arms in a V-shape
Dance Games Night

Dance Games sessions are available for children (ages 4 and up), youth, adults, and families. The activities are adapted for the ages and abilities of the people present.

Participants have mentioned finding the games fun, awesome, exhilarating and playful, with the side-effect of being a great work-out.

Photo: six children and one adult running in the forest
Movement games in the forest at PKOLS/ mt. doug (Photo by Victoria Nature School)

There are so many movement games we can play! A few examples: a dancing version of Go, go, go, Stop!, slow-motion dance tag, movement bingo, charades, and dancing with bubbles. People are welcome to suggest games, too!

Photo: 7 adults in a circle around a sun-shaped prop, each holding a strand
Jellyfish! (One of many dance props)

As well, during spring and summer, Fresh-air Frolic sessions happen outdoors in parks, at markets, festivals and camps.


Photo of an adult sitting in a tree playing percussion with musical tubes
Fernwood Fresh-air Frolic

For more info or to connect about Dance Games sessions, please be in touch.

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Anonymous note after a session in Tsartlip

An hour is often a good length for each Dance Games session, but it is flexible. For example, a half-hour can be enough to re-energize a group at a conference, or for a longer session the games could be paired with: learning dance concepts, arts & writing, or creating a short dance together to perform.