Wrap-up of Spring Dancing for Brain Health

Photo: two people dancing facing each other smiling

Thank-you to everyone who has been part of the Dancing for Brain Health program this Spring at the Bayanihan Community Centre. It has been an honour to witness your dancing and to be part of your process.

I am excited to connect again for the Dancing for Brain Health series in the Fall! The program will be at two locations: Monterey Centre (Wednesdays at 2:30pm) and Cook Street Village Activity Centre (Fridays at 11am).

p.s. Much gratitude to the participants at last week’s class who agreed to be in photos for the website, as well as to the photographer and the people who chose not to be in the photos.

Photo: two people facing opposite directions; one crossing right leg over left; the other with wrists crossed.brainhealth two duets smiling

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