Abilities Dance Class Tuesdays online

The feet of nine adult dancers are in a circle. They are wearing a variety of sizes and types of casual shoes, boots, socks with a cloud pattern, and running shoes. 5 people have just one shoe visible pointing to the middle, and 3 people have both their feet resting on the foot rests of their wheelchairs.
Circle of feet by the Wellspring Dance Group.

Tuesdays 1 PM to 2 PM Pacific Time

October 12 to December 14, 2021

*Join whichever week/s you are available.



To register visit the ConnecTra calendar and click on one of the Tuesday dates.

Class description:

Move in new ways, release tension, and connect with community! No prior dance experience is needed.

This weekly class has guided dance improvisation activities, encouraging each person to move in ways that work for them. We will also explore creating dance together and being creative while interacting on Zoom. There is no wrong move!

Facilitated by Joanne Cuffe.

The class is hosted by ConnecTra Society and brings together adults who experience disability.

To register:

Register through the ConnecTra events calendar; registering for one of the Tuesday dates provides the Zoom link for most dates.