Mondays Abilities Dance online

Abilities Dance Group on Zoom

Mondays 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM Pacific Time

April 25 to June 13, 2022 (no class on May 23 / stat holidays)

*Join whichever week/s you are available



Move in new ways, release tension, and connect in community. Guided dance improvisation activities encourage each person to choose how they feel like moving and interacting, in the ways that work for them. There is no wrong move, and no prior dance experience is needed.

Please note that this dance group frequently requests pop music.

To join:

Go to LifeStreams Online and click on the Abilities Dance date you want to join.

Access notes:

If you have access needs that you would like the facilitator to know about, please note this in advance through the form on the LifeStreams Online event page for the date you will be joining.

Activities can be done seated, lying or standing.

If you would like audio description, please mention this at the beginning of the class.

The facilitator can offer activity instructions in basic ASL/ signed English, if requested.

Captioning (auto-captioning through Zoom) can be requested by clicking on the “CC” icon.

Nine dancers move arms in distinct directions. Full image description at bottom of page.
Open-Hearted Coast, part of a photo-story project by the All Abilities Dance Group in June 2021.

(Image description: An assortment of nine open-hearted movements is described here using imaginary objects, as if the group was by the ocean. Shaylyn shapes a sand sculpture. Joanne’s fingers are spread like palm trees. Heath holds up a small octopus. Lea’s elbow points up like a fin. Julianna admires whales in the distance. Janice is tossed on her side by a big wave. Andrea swims while signing ‘I love you’, which involves straightening a pinkie, index finger and thumb while bending the other two fingers with palm forwards. Lyrica is bringing a kayak to you. Zola hugs a surfboard.)