All Abilities Dance Group

On Monday mornings there is an inclusive dance group happening in collaboration with a local non-profit organization. The group is open to the community, and no prior dance experience is required!

All Abilities Dance Group

Monday mornings 10:45am-11:45am
at 813 Darwin Ave. in the Garth Homer Society auditorium.

From September 16 to December 9 (*no sessions on Oct. 14, Nov. 11)


The feet of nine adult dancers are in a circle. They are wearing a variety of sizes and types of casual shoes, boots, socks with a cloud pattern, and running shoes. 5 people have just one shoe visible pointing to the middle, and 3 people have both their feet resting on the foot rests of their wheelchairs.
Circle of feet by the Wellspring Dancers.

An inclusive dance group, bringing together participants who are interested in teamwork, moving creatively, and respecting each other’s boundaries.

The group will focus on exploring inclusive dance concepts, collaborating as a group, and developing skills in movement improvisation.

Facilitated by Joanne, who works full-time facilitating dance groups with people with diverse ways of moving, perceiving and interacting.

Thank-you to Garth Homer Society and Made in BC – Dance on Tour for supporting this dance group!


It is sliding scale $0-$10 per class (pay-what-you-can-afford).

For participants who can afford it, the regular fee is $90 for 11 sessions.

To register:

If you would like to be part of the all abilities dance group this autumn, please fill in the registration form, register in person on September 16th, or be in touch with Joanne.