Dance Games Night!

The next Dance Games session is Thursday November 21 at 7:30pm!

Participants have mentioned finding the games fun, exhilarating and playful, with the side-effect of being a great work-out.

There are a whole bunch of possible movement games we can play, and we take turns picking the next game out of a container. Photo of Scrabble game letters spelling: Dance Games Night. Improvize. Community.Games are adapted for the people present. A few examples: a dancing version of Go, go, go, Stop, Movement Bingo, slow-motion dance tag, and embodied rock-paper-scissors. We might also use letters from Scrabble to come up with words to include in our dancing. People are welcome to suggest games, too!

Click here for details about the location, how to register, accessibility details, and other Thursday Dance for Wellbeing sessions.

Recent Dance Games sessions: Thursdays Sept. 19, May 30, April 25 and March 28 at Heart & Hands Health Collective; Monday April 8 in the park by Fernwood Community Centre. Dance Games sessions work well both indoors and outdoors at wheelchair- and mobility-accessible spaces.

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