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Alvin Ailey’s Revelations

Photo: a dozen dancers squatting leaning left with right arms raised
Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in Ailey`s Revelations. Photo by Paul Kolnik.

This week’s Dancing for Wellbeing theme is arms and shapes; for examples of the expressive power of arms, lines, curves, and angles, here is a video of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations.

(Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre was in town last week – I am really grateful to have seen their amazing show on Wednesday!)

Photo borrowed from this link.

Shoulders & hips & shaking off ‘shoulds’

This Thursday’s Dancing for Wellbeing* focus is on moving shoulders & hips, shaking off the ‘shoulds’ we demand of ourselves, and playing with switching between different speeds.

Butoh dance theatre artist Michael Sakamoto and Thai dancer Waewdao Sirisook performed a delightful show yesterday at the Phoenix Theatre. Here’s a video of Michael’s work-in-progress duet “Flash” with hip hop choreographer-dancer Rennie Harris. If you’re short on time, you could start the video at 2:21 for a fun word-associations section, 3:45 for changing speeds into hardcore punk song; 8:23 for ending duet.

*This week’s Intro to Dancing for Wellbeing workshop is free if it’s your first time. Thurs. March 27 at 7:30pm at 851 Cormorant Street, drop-ins welcome.

Changing levels

This week’s Dance Games Night at Heart & Hands will focus is on changing levels, using spirals.

There are some fascinating examples* of changing levels in the air in this video of amazing acrobats on a spinning hoop. (Let me know if you can’t watch the video if you’re not on Facebook and I’ll send a link to another video.)

*And don’t worry, Thursday’s session doesn’t involve any acrobatics!

A bit of flocking

Photo of flock of birds flying through rainbow
Image borrowed from Israel Weiss

There is a common dance improvisation activity called Flocking, where people take turns leading the group’s movement. We’ll be doing a bit of flocking this Thursday.

There is a fun example in this video here (skip half-way through to witness an intergenerational flock, where the youngest member is followed as the leader for quite some time – usually in the activity there’s a new leader each time the group faces a different direction. Also, on Thursday our flocking won’t be for as long!)

103 years and dancing

An 103-year-old person joined my dance class this morning & rocked it. (-:

…which made me realize the age range I have been mentioning is a bit young; so I have changed the About page to mention Creative Momentum offers dancing, not for “ages 4 to 94+”, but for “ages 4 to 104+.”

And from a video search for “103-year-old dancing” (altho not the same person as this morning): Mary does the Electric Slide.