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Celebrating a couple years at Heart & Hands

Photo of nine adults following one person raising their arms in a V-shapeYou are warmly invited:

Dance Games Night
Thursday October 23rd
At Heart & Hands Health Collective
By donation

This will be the final Thursday Dancing for Wellbeing session this Fall, and it would be great to celebrate all the lovely, nourishing dance times at Heart & Hands since January 2013.

A couple options for Dancing for Wellbeing next month:

Starting October 29th there will be Dancing for Wellbeing classes on Wednesdays at 6pm at Fernwood Community Centre.

On Saturday November 22nd there will be a full-day workshop at Royal Roads University, Dancing into Wellbeing: A Creative Toolkit for Stress.

For more opportunities to dance, see the list of upcoming sessions.

Shoulders & hips & shaking off ‘shoulds’

This Thursday’s Dancing for Wellbeing* focus is on moving shoulders & hips, shaking off the ‘shoulds’ we demand of ourselves, and playing with switching between different speeds.

Butoh dance theatre artist Michael Sakamoto and Thai dancer Waewdao Sirisook performed a delightful show yesterday at the Phoenix Theatre. Here’s a video of Michael’s work-in-progress duet “Flash” with hip hop choreographer-dancer Rennie Harris. If you’re short on time, you could start the video at 2:21 for a fun word-associations section, 3:45 for changing speeds into hardcore punk song; 8:23 for ending duet.

*This week’s Intro to Dancing for Wellbeing workshop is free if it’s your first time. Thurs. March 27 at 7:30pm at 851 Cormorant Street, drop-ins welcome.

March themes

Upcoming Dancing for Wellbeing classes at Heart & Hands Health Collective:

Dance as Self-Care / Mutual-Care: Monday March 3 & Thursday March 6

Intersecting Movements & Sound: Thurs. March 13

Spring Dance Games: Thurs. March 20 *By donation

Intro to Dancing for Wellbeing: Thurs. March 27 *Free if it’s your first time

For details about sessions at Heart & Hands see

Also, there is an Art Invite this month: the top gift is a 12-month free pass to Dancing for Wellbeing sessions!

Queer Swing Lesson

There is another Beginner Swing Dance Lesson this Saturday Feb. 22nd at Heart & Hands.

If you’d like to be in the loop about All Genders Queer Social Dance Collective things, let me know your email address and that you’d like to be on the social dance group’s listserv.

Photo of birds flying towards a big rainbow
Rainbow Flock image by Fraser Simpson

The group plans to learn various types of dance over time (e.g. Salsa, Blues, Bachata, Tango, Lindy Hop, Waltz, etc.), both setting up our own lessons, and Rainbow Flocking to events around town.

A bit of flocking

Photo of flock of birds flying through rainbow
Image borrowed from Israel Weiss

There is a common dance improvisation activity called Flocking, where people take turns leading the group’s movement. We’ll be doing a bit of flocking this Thursday.

There is a fun example in this video here (skip half-way through to witness an intergenerational flock, where the youngest member is followed as the leader for quite some time – usually in the activity there’s a new leader each time the group faces a different direction. Also, on Thursday our flocking won’t be for as long!)

Dancing Gift Cards!

Please be in touch if you would like to gift classes to yourself or someone else.

There is a 4-class winter gift card for $50, or gift certificates are available for however many classes you would like. The 4-class winter gift card means 6 hours of Dancing for Wellbeing (Thursdays) / Dancing Creatively (Mondays) at Heart & Hands Health Collective. (A friend suggested, for comparison, that $50 is equivalent to one visit to a chiropractor, or to less than an hour of massage or counseling).

Dance Games Night!

The next Dance Games session is Thursday November 21 at 7:30pm!

Participants have mentioned finding the games fun, exhilarating and playful, with the side-effect of being a great work-out.

There are a whole bunch of possible movement games we can play, and we take turns picking the next game out of a container. Photo of Scrabble game letters spelling: Dance Games Night. Improvize. Community.Games are adapted for the people present. A few examples: a dancing version of Go, go, go, Stop, Movement Bingo, slow-motion dance tag, and embodied rock-paper-scissors. We might also use letters from Scrabble to come up with words to include in our dancing. People are welcome to suggest games, too!

Click here for details about the location, how to register, accessibility details, and other Thursday Dance for Wellbeing sessions.

Recent Dance Games sessions: Thursdays Sept. 19, May 30, April 25 and March 28 at Heart & Hands Health Collective; Monday April 8 in the park by Fernwood Community Centre. Dance Games sessions work well both indoors and outdoors at wheelchair- and mobility-accessible spaces.