This DRAFT resource page has a few examples of all abilities dance as well as dance from decolonial, Deaf and cross-disability perspectives. The videos are of dancers based on six continents, with a focus on the West Coast of Turtle Island.

Below are a few examples of:

The video excerpts are cued for a two-hour community get-together in January 2020 hosted by the InterdepenDance Collective. To increase collective access, during 2020 we invite artists and volunteers to collaborate on creating audio descriptions and adding captions to the video excerpts that are not already captioned and described. The research and curation for this resource page is courtesy of a.d.d. and a neuroqueer brain.

a) A few examples of contemporary dance:

1. All Bodies Dance Project – See & Be Seen (length: 12:50), captioned

2. Raven Spirit Dance – Earth Song, Northern Journey by Michelle Olson in collaboration with dancers Jeanette Kotowich and Brian Solomon (a 2-minute excerpt somewhere between 0:00 and 15:00)

3. Musa Motha Dances during the Launch of Living Legends Trust, Johannesburg (0:21-3:30 end)

4. CRIPSiE & iDance Edmonton – New Constellation, 2012 (excerpt 4:15 – 6:12)

5. Infinite Flow – Came Here for Love by Gabe Adams, Mia Schaikewitz, Marisa Hamamoto (length: 0:57), captioned

6. AXIS Dance Company – the beauty that was mine, through the middle, without stopping, 2007 (excerpt 0:47-4:30)

7. Sareyyet Ramallah and REVolutions Dance – Ramallah Palestine Mini-documentary (excerpt 2:24-4:47), speaking is captioned although is hard to read on the background

8. Concuerpos – Inerme 2018 performance at the Centre for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in Bogotá, Colombia (excerpt 0:00-1:41)

9. AXIS Dance Company – The Narrowing, 2012 (excerpt 0:00-2:14)

10. Infinite Flow – Pliancy, 2019 (length: 1:36), captioned

11. All Bodies Dance Project – Trace Teaser (length: 1:22)

12. Infinite Flow – #InfiniteInclusion Flashmob (excerpt 0:00-4:30), captioned

b) A few examples of various dance styles

1. Abilities Unlimited – Bharatanatyam on Wheelchairs (Bharatanatyam) (length: 2:21)

2. Sidiki Conde – You Don’t Need Feet to Dance (West African Dance) (excerpt 13:28-14:43/15:18)

3. Blind Ballerinas in Brazil (Ballet) (excerpt 2:13-2:52)

4. Liam Bird loves to pow wow dance – APTN (Powwow) (length: 0:39)

5. Asociación Flamenco Inclusivo José Galán – Muestra 2019 (Flamenco) (excerpt 2:03-3:57)

6. Rodney Bell – Sins Invalid Performance 2008 (Māori contemporary aerial dance) (0:00-2:54)

7. ILL-ABILITIES Crew (Breakdancing) (length: 2:07)

8. Julius jun Obero and Rhea Marquez (Partner dance) (length: 2:28)

9. China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe: Thousand Hand Bodhisattva Dance (Deaf-led dance) (excerpt 1:31-9:42 end)

c) A few examples of dance from decolonial, Deaf, and disability perspectives

1. Brian Solomon – Dancing into the future: how our bodies connect us to the earth (excerpt 0:15-2:19)

2. Madelaine McCallum – Dancing Through. Content warning: speaking about cancer. (length 1:00).

3. Justin Many Fingers – Kaahsinnoniks (Our Ancestors) (length 2:48)

4. [Video excerpt of a local dancer will be added here]

5. [Please note this video is not for sharing yet: Geoff McMurchy – Wingspan (length: 3:31)]

6. Brad Magnus – local dancer (excerpt 0:00-2:29)

7. India Harville – interview clip stop at 2:18 (excerpt 0:28-2:18), captioned on Amara page

8. Antoine Hunter – Feel the Beat: Dancing While Deaf (excerpt 0:00-2:32)

9. Deaf Culture Centre – The Black Drum 2019 Trailer for signed music musical (excerpt 0:00-0:34)

10. Mana Hashimoto – Presley – a tribute to her father (excerpt 1:49-3:29)

12. Jerron Herman – Dancing Professionally with Cerebral Palsy (length: 2:35)

12. Sins Invalid Film trailer. Content warning: film speaks about being labelled/ violent language, and has a moment portraying interpersonal violence at 1:01-1:02. (length: 1:27), captioned

13. Otto Baxter of Drag Syndrome (length: 1:10)

14. Danielle Peers and Lindsay Eales – Other-wise, with audio description by Joshua St. Pierre. Content warning: film speaks about labels / violent language, and has one swear word towards the end. (length 3:42)

15. Neve Kamilah Mazique-Bianco (excerpt 2:06-2:47)

16. Local artists, video not online: Embrace – the body (length: 3:36)

d) A few examples of creative access

1. Lisa Bufano speaking about her work. Content warning: could block screen 0:30-0:35 to avoid black and white body-paint. (excerpt 0:00-1:30)

2. Lisa Bufano – One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart (length: 3:20)

3. Realwheels Theatre – Skydive World Premiere trailer for the 2014 PuSh Festival, which includes the ES Dance Instrument (excerpt 0:00-1:07)

4. CRIPSiE – Some of Our Parts – choreography by Lindsay Eales (excerpt 0:30-4:09)

5. Bill Shannon in RJD2’s “Work It Out” music video directed by Joey Garfield (length: 3:24)

6. Carmen Papalia – Nonvisual Field Shuttle (length: 1:20)

7. Alice Sheppard, Danielle Peers and Disability Dance Works – INCLINATIONS teaser (length 0:38)

8. Alice Sheppard with Laurel Lawson and Kinetic Light – DESCENT [Preview] (length: 2:53), and Descent audio described trailer (length: 2:42)