All Abilities Dance Group

On Monday mornings there is an inclusive dance group happening in collaboration with a local non-profit organization. The group has a few spots available for January 2018.

All Abilities Dance Group

Monday mornings 10:45am-11:45am
at 813 Darwin Ave. in the Garth Homer Society auditorium.

2018 dates:

-Intro session: January 22, during Dance Days*
-Dance group (11 weeks): January 29-May 7 (no session on February 12, April 2; April 16 is TBC)
-Tentative date for sharing and International Dance Day celebration: April 30*
*Please note that January 22 and April 30 will be open sessions when some photos will be taken of the group dancing; if you are not okay with being in group photos please let the facilitator know at the beginning of the session.


The feet of nine adult dancers are in a circle. They are wearing a variety of sizes and types of casual shoes, boots, socks with a cloud pattern, and running shoes. 5 people have just one shoe visible pointing to the middle, and 3 people have both their feet resting on the foot rests of their wheelchairs.
Circle of feet by the Wellspring Dancers.

An inclusive dance group, bringing together participants who are interested in teamwork, moving creatively, and respecting each other’s boundaries.

The group will focus on: exploring inclusive dance concepts, collaborating as a group, developing skills in movement improvisation, and working together to create either a “flashmob” or a site-specific dance (the group could decide on a location and create a short dance to interact with the place).

Facilitated by Joanne, who works full-time facilitating dance groups with people with diverse ways of moving, perceiving and interacting.

To be involved:

If you would like to be part of the Monday morning dance group, please be in touch with Joanne to be added to the interest list.

If there becomes more interest in the dance group than there is room, there will be a short application process with priority spots for people from equity-seeking groups (such as people with diverse physicalities; people who use mobility tools such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes; Indigenous people; and people of diverse backgrounds). If there is sufficient interest, a second dance group could form with a different time and location.